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By joining, you automatically agree to the following TOS rules:

1) You do have the ability to grow your downlines in all 60 manual surf traffic exchanges and 30 quality safelist mailers 100% free.

2) You understand that CyberWheelers does not actually send traffic to your websites, rather that CyberWheelers organizes the traffic generating programs and focuses your referral's efforts to duplicate traffic for your exchange accounts virally.

3) You agree to follow the TOS rules of all the individual traffic generation programs listed on CyberWheelers (in essence, they are all the pretty much the same with the biggest problem being websites that break out of frames).

4) You agree that you website does not contain adult material (porn, prescription medications, or weaponry).

5) You agree that your website does not contain malware, warez, viruses, trojans or anything that will automatically install itself without viewer consent and "take over" a user's computer.

6) Your website does not open more than one new pop-up window, none is best, or is a framebreaker (meaning that it will not stop any traffic exchange surfbars from functioning) or disturb a surfer's session.

7) You agree that your website is appropriate for general audiences over the age of 13 years.

8) You agree that your website is in English.

9) You understand that there terms may change at aytime without notice.

10) You understand that we DO NOT share your email address or personal information with anyone except your CyberWheelers upline and your personal referrals. We will not sell it, rent it out or distribute it in any other way. We do however reserve the right to correspond with you and occasionally send special offers from us and your Upline Team Members.

11)You understand that sending out unsolicited email mentioning will terminate your account immediately.

12) Finally, you agree to have fun and smile while growing your website's viral traffic foundation!


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