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Credit-Based Safelist Mailers

1) Save yourself some time. Only use a gmail email address to join safelist mailers. Choose which one of the three sets of CyberWheelers safelist mailers below to earn ad sending credits on today.

2) Safelist mailers are a bit different than traffic exchanges to earn credits. I suggest you spend 5 to 15 minutes earning credits on each one of 10 mailers for the day and set a goal of how many credits you want to earn. IE; 500 credits, then move on to the next one!

3) Without any hype, if in the next couple of hours you join and claim the free credits and send out an email, you will total over 40,000 emails sent within the programs below. You will get results since ads go out to multiple databases. One email to one 100K+ database won't do as well as this page here!

1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30

1. Join 1Goldmine EARN SEND
2. Join 1ProfitRing EARN SEND
3. Join ListSurfing EARN SEND
4. Join Blaster EARN SEND
5. Join Safelists EARN SEND
6. Join MailOurList EARN SEND
7. Join Email-Hog EARN SEND
8. Join TheLeadMagnet EARN SEND
9. Join TrafficZip EARN SEND

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11. Join Pangea EARN SEND
12. Join HotSpotMailer EARN SEND
13. Join Adchiever EARN SEND
14. Join SafariMailer EARN SEND
15. Join ParagonMailer EARN SEND
16. Join MyInstantList EARN SEND
17. Join ListAvail EARN SEND
18. Join SafelistExtreme EARN SEND
19. Join ListAdventure EARN SEND
20. Join ViralAdMagnet EARN SEND

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21. Join WonderMailer EARN SEND
22. Join 10BuckBlast EARN SEND
23. Join ListJumper EARN SEND
24. Join SafelistKing EARN SEND
25. Join SuperListExplode EARN SEND
26. Join BoomingWebTraffic EARN SEND
27. Join HotWebsiteTraffic EARN SEND
28. Join GuaranteedMails EARN SEND
29. Join ListImpact EARN SEND

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Don't be shy and if your budget allows, rest assured that purchasing extra credits in these particular mailers is advertising money very well spent!

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