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Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges

1) Choose which one of the five sets of CyberWheelers traffic exchanges below to earn credits on today.

2) Hold down the CTRL key and click on SURF NOW to open in Tabs. Open the 12 exchanges you wish to surf for this session. Wait for the Tab to load before clicking the next one.

3) You can move between Tabs in two ways. Either use the mouse to click the tabs on top of each page in sequence, or press CTRL+Tab (and release) to move to the next screen, then click. *Be sure* to not hold down the keys while you click the surf icon.

1-12 | 13-24 | 25-36 | 37-48 | 49-60

1. Join BionicHits SURF NOW
2. Join TEWebstar SURF NOW
3. Join JustGoodTraffic SURF NOW
4. Join MembersRule SURF NOW
5. Join TrafficSwirl SURF NOW
6. Join TrafficAdBar SURF NOW
7. Join TezakTrafficPower SURF NOW
8. Join RealHitz4U SURF NOW
9. Join HotFlashHits SURF NOW
10. Join 50aDayGetsYouPaid SURF NOW
11. Join Splash-Wave SURF NOW
12. Join HitSafari SURF NOW

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13. Join AdvertisingKnowHow SURF NOW
14. Join SocialAdSurf SURF NOW
15. Join HungryForHits SURF NOW
16. Join EasyHits4U SURF NOW
17. Join DragonSurf SURF NOW
18. Join ZaneyClicks SURF NOW
19. Join InstantXchange SURF NOW
20. Join DeepSeaHits SURF NOW
21. Join ElevatedTraffic SURF NOW
22. Join TEOnSteroids SURF NOW
23. Join AntSurf SURF NOW
24. Join TrafficPI SURF NOW

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25. Join GladiatorHits SURF NOW
26. Join 4x4Hits SURF NOW
27. Join Sakura-Traffic SURF NOW
28. Join Hits-A-Million SURF NOW
29. Join LegacyHits SURF NOW
30. Join ClickMasterPro SURF NOW
31. Join ClickYourFaceOff SURF NOW
32. Join HitLink SURF NOW
33. Join SocialSurf4U SURF NOW
34. Join FastEasyTraffic SURF NOW
35. Join WebmasterQuest SURF NOW
36. Join TrafficPunk SURF NOW

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37. Join TrafficSpeedway SURF NOW
38. Join TrafficG SURF NOW
39. Join ClickVoyager SURF NOW
40. Join Website-Traffic-Hog SURF NOW
41. Join TrafficShowDown SURF NOW
42. Join TS25 SURF NOW
43. Join ProTrafficShop SURF NOW
44. Join TopCash SURF NOW
45. Join WebBizInsider SURF NOW
46. Join SiteXplosion SURF NOW
47. Join TopTierTraffic SURF NOW
48. Join Surfers2U SURF NOW

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49. Join TopHits4U SURF NOW
50. Join GreasedLightningHits SURF NOW
51. Join PowerCashStream SURF NOW
52. Join BizKlix SURF NOW
53. Join ClickNPutt SURF NOW
54. Join LotsMoreHits SURF NOW
55. Join WebCentreSurf SURF NOW
56. Join TrafficSplash SURF NOW
57. Join TrafficSwarm SURF NOW
58. Join Hit2Hit SURF NOW
59. Join FreeTrafficLotto SURF NOW
60. Join Lords-Of-Traffic SURF NOW

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Finishing the surf session: Once you are done with the surf session, as you do your last round of clicks, go into the members area of each exchange via the surf bar and go to the "Assign Credits" or "My Websites" page and assign the credits. Then close the surf bar and move on to the next one, assign credits, and close, and so on until you close all 12 surfing consoles.
Come back tomorrow and repeat!

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