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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Traffic Exchange?
How does CyberWheelers deliver traffic?
Is there a cost to get website traffic?
How are real website visitors "verified"?
What exactly is a credit?
How do I earn traffic credits?
How fast are my visitor credits used up?
Does CyberWheelers pay commissions?
What are your Terms of Use?
Will my email address be sold or rented to 3rd party?

1) What is a Traffic Exchange?
Join a network of people online and begin exchanging website views with them. These networks, also known as traffic exchanges or click exchanges, are managed by admins who are committed to the long-term growth of their network so you and I have more people that we can show our websites to. They focus on expanding and growing their membership base, CyberWheelers helps you organize yourself to earn credits efficiently so those members that come from the individual traffic exchange owner's promotional efforts, see your websites too.

I want to clarify that manual surf traffic exchanges are not the same as "autosurf". They are nothing alike. Out of over 1000 of these services online, from experience and having a business relationship with most of these owners, on CyberWheelers you will only find the cream of the crop programs that when you have a presence in all of them, you will have the Internet Marketing niche of traffic exchanges covered. Whatever you do, please please please stay away from anything autosurf, autoview or autoclick. Those services not only waste your valuable time, they can ruin your reputation for recommending their use. Nobody wants to do business with a fool.

The Traffic Exchanges on CyberWheelers are the most reliable form of free online advertising available today for home businesses and novice bloggers, that can produce results very fast, in many cases in a matter of days!

2) How does CyberWheelers deliver traffic?
CyberWheelers does not deliver any traffic to your websites. CyberWheelers organizes the manual surf traffic exchanges which is where you add the website/blog/profile you want to promote. We simply make it easier for you to earn loads of traffic credits and which you then assign (some are assigned as you earn them) to your websites.

3) Is there a cost to get website traffic?
No. All the exchanges on CyberWheelers are 100% free to join and earn credits. Purchasing credits is optional and I actually recommend you purchase extra credits once you are certain your websites are ready for visitors.

4) How are real website visitors "verified"?
There is a small bar that is displayed to members of the network exchanges when they surf sites for credits. Usually there are 3 to 8 different tiny icons and they are instructed on which one to click before their credit is awarded. In sharp contrast, "autosurf" doesn't require any action from the visitor and many people just leave their computer on or windows open in the background thus not verifying that they saw your website.

5) What exactly is a credit??
A credit is a measure of traffic activity within a network exchange. A way of keeping score of the surfing game. The website visitors you receive are measured by how many credits you have in the exchange accounts.

Want to be rich in traffic credits?

Help others get organized in their quest for website visitors by referring them to your CyberWheelers url!

6) How do I earn traffic credits?
Review the SURF NOW tab to learn how to earn credits the fast, efficient, ethical CyberWheelers way!

7) How fast are my visitor credits used up?
Credits begin to accumulate in real time while you surf. When you finish your surfing session and assign the credits you've earned, be patient and exercise logic. When people surf, they see what you see and surfing to them feels like surfing does to you. People have to come to the network exchange and login to view websites, so the delivery of credits depends on that factor. Don't worry though... even if you only receive 20 visitors from an exchange on average in a day, imagine 60 manual surf traffic exchanges each sending you 20 visitors. that's 1000 visitors for that day!

You can rest assured that the programs listed at CyberWheelers verify each visitor and has the member activity to deliver those pageviews to your websites.

8) Does CyberWheelers pay commissions?
As far as direct commissions, no we do not. CyberWheelers helps you meet people that you can build a possible business relationship with in the future. That is the most important aspect of our system. The income produced is from sales from your own website being promoted through the exchanges, traffic exchange upgrades.

The cost of managing commissions is simply too high, and comes with too many IRS liabilities for WTrainer, LLC (the company that owns since we are USA based. If we were charging $57usd or $77usd, then it would be more cost effective to deal with IRS documenting of commissions earned by members. It is a full time job just to run this program and all of its supporting services as a free affiliate program.

9) What are your Terms of Use?
Since CyberWheelers doesn't actually deliver traffic (remember, the exchanges deliver traffic, CyberWheelers organizes the exchanges) our TOS page is short and sweet. Find it here.

However, it *is* important you obey the TOS of the network exchanges or your name and website may end up on a universal ban list thus damaging your reputation. Generally speaking, as long as your site doesn't have a framebreaker code on it, or more than one popup (none is best) and your website is in English, and non-adult (no porn, hate or warez) you will meet all TOS requirements.

10) Once I sign up will my name be sold or rented to anyone else?
NO! We respect your right to privacy and will never sell or rent your name or email address to anyone. It is only shared with your CyberWheelers Sponsor and your personally referred members.


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