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Synergystic Team Support

After hundreds of hours working as a Trainer with over 1000 one on one training sessions under my belt training wonderful people from teens desiring to improve at a sport to my oldest, a 92 year old client twice a week with weights, the spark that excited them about what we were doing ignited in me when they were able to get results by applying a long-term vision to their actions as we worked out. The whole process that started for me many years ago reading around 100 or so personal development books put in me the desire to contribute something good to others.

That is what ALL, every single Leader regardless of ethnicity, physical ability or circumstance, did. They were able to reach out, mobilize and open minds, through communicating their vision, and help enough other people to find their inner courage causing an effect that became the reason why we read about those Leaders today.

Missing Leadership in Traffic Exchange Marketing

In order to further educate my clients and help enhance their results, I created a small website with a nutritional outline that became a terrific tool to keep them on track and improving week after week with their weight loss and strength conditioning. When I was at home on most evenings, I thought; "How can I get this powerful wellness message out to others?" and in came my interest in Internet Marketing.

Basically, through Personal Training, I was communicating to people how, to program their bodies to produce a healthier state of being from where they were at. The spark was the same in all age groups, whether they were rich or broke, fat or in shape. There is always wisdom to be found in trying to grasp a Vision, approaching with a sincere desire to understand.

Focus on surfing to earn credits & introducing yourself to your referrals and CyberWheelers will take care of maintaining long-term activity so they "feel" results and move forward confidently. In Internet Marketing, persisting can make you successful even if you don't think you are ready. It forces you to grow.

Concentrate on The Process of 10

Make 10 your friend. Have a clear vision for where you want to go in this industry, and open up your time, your availability, your life, for 10 other people who's vision aligns with yours. It's very simple yet, so simple we ignore acknowledging the true impact of its power.

Make it your long-term commitment through all your promotional efforts, and through those you associate with in everyday life, to find 10 Leaders you are working with closely over the phone AND online every week who are on the same path. Take a realistic look at what efforts it would really, truly take to average a reliable $100 every day in the home-business industry.

It takes Commitment and Leadership

The Power of 10. Visualize this:

10 referrals who commit to 1000 traffic team in 12 months.

You become their foundation for success, they become your foundation of success. You have to commit to being the foundation of success for one individual person, times 10. 10 people that you work with on a weekly basis. You know, help them along. Lead the way. Simply be there for them. This will be the launchpad for your main business, no matter what it may be.

There are 60 free traffic exchanges on CyberWheelers. There are over 3000 industry wide. Achieving a conservative average flow of 25 visitors per day, per just the 60 exchanges here means your websites will be receiving 1500 visitors a day or 45,000 visitors a month! I assure you... the vast majority of these exchanges deliver much more than 25 visitors a day.

Let's calculate it as your 10 reach their goal of 10:

10 X 10 referrals who commit to 1000 traffic team in six months.

(keep in mind the Downline Weaving Principle, where a 1000 member traffic team means that over a six month period, you average 17 referrals per exchange x 60 exchanges = 1020 members "weaved through" earning you free viral traffic)

Total for making this a reality within your network:

After allowing 12 months for the illustration to "mature" you have: 11,000+ members in your free, viral, guaranteed visitor traffic network keeping your websites seen 24 hours, seven days a week. Guess what though... once you put this plan in action, it can happen way faster than that!

It really is as simple as holding the vision and consistently working your cyberwheel and supporting your referrals until you connect with the 10 that completely understand they have to commit to the success of 10 others. The perfect synergistic exchange of positive energy and goodwill. Being of Service to each other.

Here is the Point

It may take up to a year or more to create this. Stick with CyberWheelers and follow our techniques and your own persistence will assuredly get you there. This comes right back to:

Keep your accounts qualified. Keep promoting. Keep building your foundation of traffic and expanding your reach in the marketplace. Invite your referrals to the conferences and let's get them on the right track, and together we can do our best to further simplify this process of 10!

Jose Garriga Jr, CyberWheelers Admin

* These illustrations are for visualization purposes only, not a guarantee

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