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CyberWheel Overview

When advertising, especially online, your marketing machine
should be a separate entity from the main business you are
promoting. One that perpetuates itself.

Perpetual Viral Traffic is to your website what broadcasting is to radio and television. Hundreds of millions of people own tv sets and radios and advertisers hope we are tuned in when their ads are shown. They ask; "How many eyes and ears can we have during our 30 second spot?"

With over two billion Internet users world-wide, you should ask yourself, "How many computers can I get my website on, on a daily basis?" That's what it's all about. Creating an ever-expanding perpetual viral traffic flow, where you simply plug-in the website that you want to receive traffic!

Setting Up Your Perpetual Traffic CyberWheel

Do you come and visit an exchange and login with the purpose to play games?

Do you come to earn 18 cents a month for surfing 1000+ websites?


You come to earn real, high quality traffic to your sites, period There is no time for games or to click for pennies and probability. You need to click for a guaranteed visitor. The best way to do that is systematically, in an organized fashion, use credible manual surf traffic exchanges that require a click by the viewer. Each Traffic Exchange has its own member base. The 60 programs on CyberWheelers have over 4 MILLION members combined and growing by hundreds of new members daily. Persistence in referring new members to these programs over the coming months and years is the key to expanding your online presence for no extra advertising costs.

After you join CyberWheelers and Updated your IDs, as you promote CW, someone sees the page and joins a few of the programs without joining CyberWheelers...

You just won! How?

Most likely, the program they joined will have credited your account with 50 to 100 visitor credits for that *ONE* referral to that *ONE* program. You just earned the SAME amount of credits as if you surfed 100 to 200 sites! You just duplicated your efforts. In the long run, you also earn credits from these new members surfing themselves anywhere from 5% to 25% as well. With CyberWheelers, once a person gets organized, which just takes a few days, online marketing becomes fun, because your organization and efforts begin to show results.

You are in for an awesome awakening experience in online traffic creation. The purpose of CyberWheelers is to make it simple for newbies as well as experienced Online Business Owners to organize and duplicate their marketing efforts over a short period of time. It is common for those using this system, whether a new surfer or not, to generate 10-15 thousand unique visitors in their first 30 days!

Picture the CyberWheel

Have you ever noticed how a Ferris Wheel works? It is huge and it turns slowly yet steadily as long as the motor at the base keeps working. It gets to the bottom, people go in, the go around and get out and others enter, go around and so on. In the CyberWheel model, you are the motor by your consistent clicking. Letís turn the CW on its side and place you in the center. The people on the outside of our imagined CyberWheel are their eyeballs planted on your website! As you click, it moves the wheel, you earn credits that get more eyeballs on your site over and over. As the "cyberwheel" turns, your goal is to keep it turning around the clock 24/7. That is where consistently referring others to CyberWheelers come in.

Getting Started

After you join CyberWheelers, enter your existing program IDs and join the ones you donít belong to right from your page. For simplicity, always try to keep your username the same wherever you can. I recommend as soon as you join an exchange, login, change your password immediately and add the website(s) you want to receive the traffic from your clicking and enrolling of new members. Even though you can enter as many sites as you want, more than FIVE will totally dilute your efforts. That is my opinion. Focus is what builds. Some exchanges allow only one target Url to receive traffic, some 10, some unlimited. In your email account (Gmail is the absolute best), create a folder called "Login Info" or "TE Welcome Emails" and put all of the welcome emails there. This will avoid confusion the more active you get, and you can easily search for any program you want by looking under the label. When you login to surf, tell your browser to remember your password so as to make it easier each time you initiate a new surfing session.

Magnifying Your Traffic BIGTIME

Want to play with the Big Boys (& Girls) and generate 100,000+ visitors a month for the exact same clicking efforts... Of course you do! This is where the REAL power of CyberWheelers comes in. Imagine the magic that occurs when several people join several programs daily within your CyberWheel. You will receive anywhere from 20 to 100 credit bonuses per new joining member in each traffic program. Your traffic accounts will receive hundreds of real visitor credits magnifying your surfing efforts and you didn't even increase your surfing volume. You still need to get on a consistent surfing schedule 4 to 5 days a week using the techniques outlined above. What you have to do is assign 40% to 60% of your traffic to your pages. Itís easy. If an exchange only allows ONE site to receive traffic, place your CyberWheelers Url there. If they allow TWO, put CW as #1 and your main site as #2. If they allow THREE, put CW as #1, your main site as #2, CW as #3. If they allow FOUR, put CW as #1, your main site as #2, CW as #3, your main site as #4. If they allow FIVE or more, put CW as #1, your main site as #2, CW as #3, your main site as #4, CW as #5. Again I do not recommend more than FIVE total.


That is called staggering. Once you have it set up like this, all you have to do is get on a clicking routine and purchase extra visitors/hits within the exchanges.

What do you think will happen now? Well naturally, YOUR TRAFFIC WILL EXPLODE! I have received as many as 100 emails from different exchanges in a single day letting me know someone joined somewhere. That is Perpetual Viral Traffic Creation! With CyberWheelers, they can visit the exchange, learn about surfing before joining, and most important CREATE DUPLICATION when they do where you will earn free visitor credit overrides as a reward. Trust me, it is exciting when you have 200-300 members in over 50 different exchanges and you earn 10% or MORE of their traffic. It gives your one hour of surfing sites the same punch as surfing six to 12 hours everyday!

Donít wait any longer. Join CyberWheelers, get set up (you only do the setup once) and get clicking!

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