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GBG's Revolutionary One Day Diet Program
The Unique One Day "ON", One Day "OFF"
Weight Loss System!

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The GBG One Day Diet* is based on sound nutrition and proven scientific principles. Itís designed to help you eat healthy, achieve and maintain both your ideal body weight and ideal body composition, and to help you remain healthy for life.

Our physical bodies were masterfully and wonderfully created with nutritional requirements established from the beginning of time. After researching thousands of scientific articles, papers and books on nutrition and weight loss, we created the GBG One Day Diet to offer you a totally unique approach to weight loss.

With the GBG One Day Diet, you actually only "diet" every other day. On your "on" days we give you everything you need to lose weight and NOT suffer. You get delicious protein shakes, amazing energy bars, 10-in-ONE chewable multivitamin and mineral Super Formula, and either Max Energy Shot or WillPower in a Bottle depending on what package you ordered. Then on your "off" days, you get to eat whatever you want and just take the 10-in-ONE chewable multivitamin. Thatís it, itís that simple!

The GBG One Day Diet is different from most diets
in the following ways:

It teaches you how to eat, not how to diet. Eventually, anyone and everyone who is at all concerned about their weight and health must learn how to feed their body, not how to starve it.

It retrains your bodyís appetite and hunger. Todayís Standard American Diet (SAD) has perverted our taste buds and our metabolisms. This has led to false hunger, weight gain, obesity, and a host of other diseases. The GBG One Day Diet restores the bodyís natural cravings while improving and purifying your metabolism.

Itís not only an effective weight loss strategy in the short-term; itís effective in controlling weight on a continuing basis. The GBG One Day Diet is an ideal plan because it controls hunger by satisfying the bodyís needs for energy and nutrients. The GBG One Day Diet succeeds where others have failed, as an effective weight management strategy for life.

There are no complicated systems to learn and no extreme measures to implement. The GBG One Day Diet is a very different approach from the traditional methods of counting calories, keeping track of points or counting fat grams for weight loss. The GBG One Day Diet system is based on simplicity and moderation. It truly is as simple as one day "on" and one day "off."

It is a weight management solution that also incorporates Bio-available Whey Protein Isolate, which has been shown in independent studies to raise the bodyís level of the Master Antioxidant, Glutathione.

It improves your energy, rather than leaving you feeling depleted and hungry.

It actually saves you time and money!

And the best part is, because you are effectively only "on" the diet every other day, you can always tell yourself: "I only have to make it Ďtil tomorrow!"

"GBGís One Day Diet" System General Guidelines

Donít skip a meal or snack!

This plan was designed to nutritionally support your body as you lose fat and improve your body composition. If you skip a meal, you not only increase the likelihood that you will be excessively hungry later in the day (and thus apt to eat too much), but you will also deprive your body of some of the nutrients that ensure the success of the GBG One Day Diet. In addition, skipping meals or snacks slows down your metabolism, thus slowing down the weight loss process.

On your days "On" or "Off", Eat Slowly:

Take at least 20 minutes to eat a meal. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to send the message to your stomach that youíre full. If you hurry your meals, you can eat too much before you realize you are satisfied.

Always Drink plenty of water:

Water is a natural diuretic that helps flush toxins from your body. It helps keep your hunger under control, and assists in intestinal regularity. Water is the gas pedal for fat loss! Drink at least 8-10 cups of water per day.

Make sure you exercise:

Itís easy to speed up your metabolism. In addition to eating smaller meals more often, the most effective way to increase your metabolic rate is physical activity. Exercise also increases lean muscle mass, which burns calories at rest; whereas, fat is metabolically inactive.

You donít have to go to the gym to exercise. Use a pedometer!

Walking daily is more than sufficient. Your goal should be a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. If youíre not there yet hereís a great system for getting there. On your first day just walk one house away from where you live, and then back again. On your second day walk two houses away and on your third day walk three etc., etc. After just a few short weeks youíll be walking like a champ! Another great trick is when you go shopping, always park in the furthest parking space out. Not only will you get some extra walking in (to and from your car,) just think of all the door dings you may avoid.

Keep it simple!

Simply follow the GBG One Day Diet Daily Routine that applies to your package by checking off each item as you go through your day. The GBG One Day Diet is a weight loss program that incorporates replacing 15 days of meals every month with GBGís One Day Diet Shakes and Bars. You have one day "ON" and the next day "OFF." Itís as simple as that. DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR "ON" DAY!!! Always tell yourself "I only have to make it Ďtil tomorrow morning. Thatís it - then I can eat whatever I want on my day off!" If you absolutely have to eat something, eat healthy; like a small piece of fruit or a handful of almonds. Since your "on" days actually get your body to crave good nutrition, itís also important that you listen to your body on your days "off." After youíve been on the plan for a short time youíll be shocked at how on your days off, youíre not craving junk food anymore.

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