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Using Tabbed Browsing Efficiently

There are three browsers that you can use to earn traffic credits efficiently. I am listing them in order or how I like using them. They are, my favorite, Google Chrome, then FireFox, and the worst of the best, IExplorer. The tabbed web surfing instructions below work in all these browsers.

First, Google Chrome. Released summer of 2008, it is the safest, most-reliable and I love it! Be sure to review the "Using Tabbed Browsing" help page here.

Click here
to download Google Chrome.

Next is FireFox, which I have been using reliably now for over 6 years and it is my default browser. I may switch to Google Chrome as default, still FireFox is very familiar, intuitive and easy to use.

Click here
to download FireFox.

Last and least is IExplorer. I never use this browser for earning traffic credits. It doesn't "flow" like FireFox or Google Chrome. I actually only use it for looking at my websites to make sure text and layout is uniform on the major browsers. Occasionally, a website may not function in any browser except Explorer, and that is when I open this one up. That situation is actually the website programmer's fault for not paying attention to detail. I *always* make sure my sites look good in all browsers. Otherwise, I hardly ever use Explorer. Here it is in case you want to use it...

Click here
to download IExplorer8.

How to begin your traffic credit earning surfing session:

1) Open your CyberWheelers' SURF NOW page and choose which of the five sets of exchanges to earn credits on today.

2) Hold down the CTRL key and click on the SURF LINKS to open in Tabs. Open the 12 exchanges you wish to surf for this session. Wait for the Tab to load before clicking the next one.

3) You can move between Tabs in two ways. Either use the mouse to click the tabs on top of each page in sequence, or press CTRL+Tab (and release) to move to the next screen, then click. *Be sure* to not hold down the keys while you click the surf icon.

What is great about this system is you can go back and forth from one method to the other. Get tired of clicking, use the keyboard, get tired of using two fingers, click for a while.

These browsers already have a built in popup killer. Press CTRL+Tab and you move to the next surf console, click the icon, move on. Press CTRL+Tab for the next one, move on. Make sure you click, quickly claim any bonuses given to you and answer any skill cards, security checks and so forth, click the proper icon, then CTRL+Tab, move on, click claim, verify quicly, click icon, press CTRL+Tab, move on and so on. If a site takes longer than a few seconds, CTRL+Tab, move over it and continue around the slow loading page.

Remember, you MUST release CTRL+Tab before clicking the proper icon to earn a credit. If you want to surf using your mouse only, use the click-on-tab method. You will always need to use the keyboard in one way or another for security purposes on many exchanges. Although not perfect and you will occasionally experience slowdowns, a consistent 100 clicks in 12 diffeferent exchanges can be achieved in under 30 minutes.

The pace you find both ways of surfing (clicking or using CTRL+Tab) should generate you 4 to 8 credits per minute with smooth consistency depending on your Internet connection speed. Each credit on average is .75 visitors or more (some exchanges are 2:1 some are 1:1 and active clickers are HIGHLY rewarded with extra credits!). Keep this routine for 30 minutes MINIMUM a day. At approximately 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, you will reach over 12,000 visitors every *four* weeks, NOT including referral bonuses and paid credits!!!

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